I want you to type everything that I say. I’ve got some things for you to type.    

     Are you typing even this ? You’re a keener. Good.    

     Interesting news today about funding cuts to BC universities. A lot of people are angry but you know what I say ?  Let’s not worry about Education. What has “thought” ever done for us ? What have our brains ever done for us ? You know what I’m sick and tired of people telling me I have to educate myself. Why bother with university anyway ? I’ve been here at SFU for a year and my life hasn’t gotten any better. It’s frustrating and stupid to have to think all the time and if the BC government just let the universities fend for themselves we’d be a lot better off. The government would definitely have enough money for the Olympics !!  Why should my tax dollars go into a university? Let’s sell them. Let’s convert UBC and SFU into condos. There are many classrooms which are about the size of single rooms in the downtown eastside. Let’s move all the homeless from their dirty SRO’s and put them into the classrooms of SFU and UBC !! One classroom per person and for the homeless who are friendlier and socially well adjusted they can share a room. That’ll be putting these classrooms to good use. Two birds with one stone !! Yeah that’s a great idea. There are some great classrooms at SFU with beautiful views. Actually, people would be willing to pay a lot. Maybe they should be sold as condos. I do feel for the homeless but I don’t know if they’d appreciate the view. Can you really appreciate a view you don’t pay for? Let’s sell SFU and UBC as unique and creative condos !! There are so many wonderful little classrooms in SFU’s academic quadrangle. Right now I’m in one classroom where I’m taking a Philosophy of Education class and today we talked about the value of critical thinking. Well, who needs critical thinking right? We live in the best city in the world. That much is a no-brainer. A “no-thinker” I would add. Look at that view. I could go on and on but right now for those of you in Vancouver, I challenge you to get up right now and find a view of the mountains. Look at those mountains. Did they get to where they were with “critical thinking”? No, they became supernaturally majestic on their own. I think. There are theories about God creating them or evolution evolving them but to figure out which answer is true would involve that pesky brain of mine and you know what  nobody agrees anyway so how can I expect to find the truth? I would like to have one of the rooms at SFU. I call shot-gun on the room – don’t scream !! – I’m in a classroom right now which is on the north-west corner of the building. I would love to wake up to this view and since the whole condo-conversion idea was mine in the first place I think it’s only fair that I get one. I’m here in the classroom right now getting somebody to type all this up. Actually my class is being held at gun-point right now. I’m trying to convince them that I have a great idea for the future. I  am using things that sound like arguments I guess but with a gun in my hand I’m also using force. I hope that all this jibber-jabber gets us somewhere. We spent a half hour talking about critical thinking but the deck was stacked. We were all supposed to agree with our professor that critical thinking is valuable. That’s when I pulled out the gun. I hope that if I do have to shoot everyone and then turn this gun on myself, it won’t be in vain. I will have planted a seed of an idea that will grow into a wonderful future. People will be angry with education trying to get people to think but really just succeeding in pissing them off.  They will support my idea for a better future. It feels better when you have force on your side. It feels more exciting than having an argument that might be right or wrong. Anyway that’s my two bits. You can stop typing. 

       I said stop.