And the previous four months of stories on this blog have been my dreams. 

     Here’s today’s dream…


Crossing Guard Goes on a Freak-Out


   Hardly. Exaggerated somewhat but there certainly were oddities to Susan Hargraves’ behavior one May morning after the player piano fell on her head. Sort of. Well it didn’t fall out of the blue sky but it did fall over and onto her body. It was just after eight and she was running a little behind and when she ran through the living room she elbowed the piano which was being propped up on books (several very weighty Norton readers) and a chorus of messy notes crashed down upon her. 

    She pulled herself out from the piano – a miracle to be alive! – and resumed her race out the door. This time a tad bit slower but no less hectic. More discombobulated. And notes were still banging around in her head as she ran down the front steps of her cute little home. So it was conjectured.

   Instead of her usual brisk walk to William Watson Elementary where she worked as a crossing guard three times a week, she took her hand-held STOP sign the other direction. Theories abound but the fact remains that within twenty minutes Susan was at the law courts. She marched into Judge Walburn’s courtroom and held up the STOP sign. Things went on business as usual and when the first witness had to take the stand Susan lowered the big red STOP and waved the woman forward with a hand and a smile. The judge was impressed. It worked.

   Around ten o’clock Susan suddenly shook her head as if she were trying to break free from something and then marched out of the courtroom without so much as a good-bye or good-luck. Later that morning she turned up at three different locations: a dentist’s office, an auto-body shop and a greasy spoon. In all these places people very politely stopped and started based on Susan’s confident comportment and sign. 

    At three o’clock – the official end to her day – she did a can-can kick and died of an embolism.