I woke up this morning and read in my inbox an off-kilter request to add to a list of 108 other stories on this blog. In the email I was told that if I didn’t write an introduction along with a story, 10 of my friends would “explode to death.” (Can exploding lead to anything else?) Well I’m not a superstitious person but I of course looked up the site and read through some of the stories which are for the most part ridiculous. Some of the stories are kind of funny but a lot have just been thrown together. Imagine a drunk Salman Rushdie writing an episode of the Family Guy. But what else can you expect from a random group of people? At least it wasn’t a novel written by the internet.

     While I’m not superstitious I do want to ensure the safety of my friends who happen to work in the explosives industry. (Go figure. I mean what would you do?) So here’s a story but I promise not to pass this chain letter to anyone else. It ends here.

    Unless you’d like to add a story.


The Little Love Gift

On a cold Wednesday night they met in a flurry of introductions – Amanda, Dawn, Lisa, Kevin – but with her black toque pulled low to her fierce blue eyes she stood out as unique. For her part, ever since he’d stepped in through the large glass door of the small cinema, a warning signal had been flashing at the back of her mind: “I’m never dating him.” One month later they walked out the door of a party together. Five blocks down the street, he stripped the tip of a cherry blossom branch of its petals. She leaned into his cupped hands. Six years later – at last – they were married, telling this story again and again with different parts deleted depending on the listener.