I’m an aspiring young writer named Ezekiel Irons with a book coming out shortly on how to write more effectively. Here’s the preface to “3,321,453 Short-Cuts to Becoming a Successful Writer”.


     FOREWARD: 3, 321, 453 short-cuts to becoming a successfull writer.


     Why 3, 321, 453 short-cuts to becoming a successful writer ? Because that is my telephone number and this self-published book and self-recorded tape which you may be listening to have both been self-financed and I am a very busy, busy writer but if you need me to write something for you, a film review, a written account of your child’s birthday party or just a simple short story, I will try to find time for you. So just call me. My number is on the front of this book in your hands. Or just call to say hello and chat. Now before you get the wrong idea I’m not being sneaky for sneaky’s sake. I also have a lot of short-cuts to becoming a successful writer. In this collection I do not actually have 3, 321, 453 short-cuts but I do have a lot and 3, 321, 453 is a lot so in a sense its the same thing. 3, 321, 453 is short hand for a lot. Or to put it another way 3, 321, 453 is a short-cut to reaching me. And we end where we started like so many powerful works of literature.