Hello, my name is Dmitry Utkin and I’m the founder of Design your Trust, a daily design, blog and community.  Over the past 90 days on this blog I’ve been writing a short-short story everyday. The challenge I gave myself was to write under a completely different pseudonym for every single story. Each of these introductions and stories contain ads for 90 different products. If you take the first letter of each word in a story, it’ll spell out a product name along with a catchy slogan. Tricky, yes. Impossible, no.

   Here’s today’s story.


Itch Becomes Manageable

     Clem Kim adjusted his alarm for an early Sunday morning wake up. “You’re doing an open house for the Lee’s tomorrow?” his wife asked from the valley of her memory-foam pillow. “Yeah, ” he muttered and his head hit the pillow. And sleep. But in the morning, Clem felt groggy and less than professional. Worse still, he had the uncanny sensation that he had an itch he couldn’t scratch, an itch that felt miles away. Later, as he drove to the 2600 square-foot, 6-room, 2 story house, he could feel the itch getting closer. A smiling couple were waiting for him as he arrived. He pointed out the views and the angles of sunlight that would be coming in at various points of the day but he couldn’t help but feel that the north wall of the living room was itching. As he let them look around, he walked to the wall and scratched. He felt relieved but days later, when the itch wouldn’t go away he considered buying the house but not telling his wife why. Weeks later he realized he’d have to befriend whoever he sold the house to. Fortunately, a nice Korean-American couple bought the house. Clem connected with the man on the topic of golf and therefore kept his foot in the door. The itch never went away for the rest of his life.