I’m Jun from Korea and I study English at Inlingua. It’s an outstandingly great school even though some of the teachers like Kevin Spenst are a little on the goddamn crazy side. 
  I’ve been writing a story everyday for the past four months on this blog because I want to fine tune my English and understand the world a little better. It’s also a goddamn assignment for school so I have no choice. Can you believe that? The assignment is to write something everyday pretending to be somebody I’m not. My teacher is a goddamn slave-driver. But he’s cool.
   Nice to meet you.
   Here’s a sad story. 

The Cuckcoo Clock Flew Over the One

   Such a big whistle for such a small bird, the little boy thinks to himself as he looks up at the tiny house on the wall. The bird retreats and the little boy can’t imagine the yellow bird being happy in such a small house. Alone.
   He gets a chair from the kitchen and slams it into the wall. He gets scissors from the kitchen and snaps them open and shut. His grandmother is fast asleep on the black leather couch.
   At one o’clock the yellow bird emerges and the little boy cuts the wood holding the bird back. It falls to the floor without a sound. Something in the house is still cuckcooing but the boy can’t see inside. There’s another one, the little boy thinks.