When I died in 1892, my beard was cut off and then frozen and it wasn’t until last year that scientists thawed it out and rebuilt me from the beard down. The 6-million dollar poet. That’s me. I set about learning the who’s who of this new 21st century world by writing a story everyday from their perspective. Ergo, this blog.
  Y’all come back now you hear.
  Hope you enjoy today’s story… 

Wild Shadow

     At the age of 36, Paul Benston thought his quirks and eccentricities were all present and accounted for. He impersonated the queen when he clipped his toe-nails out of the kitchen window. He was fond of asking children who were too young to do the math: “Would you rather have a penny every second or four hundred dollars a day ?”  He glued his beard trimmings on the faces of male celebrities in People magazine. (don’t ask) These pastimes were enjoyed in the company of friends and family but one day, when Paul Benston was walking to the bus-stop his shadow came unstuck in space. It arched itself back until its hands were around its ankles. Paul stopped and stared. Here was another eccentricity to absorb, to learn to be okay about. He threw a penny onto the sidewalk but his shadow didn’t flinch. The shadow of the penny, however, obeyed its bounce and roll down the sidewalk. Paul Benston contemplated his next move.