and I work for a small PR firm outside of Boston. One of our main goals has been to rebrand the classic family game “Twister” as an exciting game relevant for the 21st century. Every story over the past three months on this blog featured a character playing twister. While this wasn’t always explicitly stated there was enough subtext to lead you in that direction. The people who introduced the stories were also playing “Twister”.  Again, it wasn’t always obvious but there was enough for you to guess what was going on
   Because Twister’s it !! 

Nobody Wants to Play Twister with the Sumo Wrestler Down the Street

   Except for Harry. He’s odd that way. I mean don’t tell him I said that. He’s okay but you know it was his idea that we abandon our game of Donkey Kong at Stan’s place. “This is just a trend for babies,” he said and kicked the controller. “You want to know where the real excitement is? It’s in danger.” He was a head taller than either of us and his big arms could put both of us in headlocks at the same time. I felt like I was in one of those stupid Westerns where I was the sucker in the gallows. We followed Harry out the back basement door and then we snuck through the trees in the backyard to the end of the street. “I’m gonna get you. You damned, dirty humans. I’m gonna chop off your stinkin’ paws and sell them,” Harry shrieked as Stan and I found ourselves in front being chased through the trees. “Planet of the Apes” was Harry’s all-time favorite Ape movie. When we ran onto the street he was normal again. “Okay there’s that Sumo Wrestler who lives up the street. That’s adventure.” We stared at him. “Go !!”  At the top of the street Mr. Suzuki had just moved in. Everyone had read in the newspaper how this Sumo Wrestler, who’d been disgraced and disbarred in Japan, was trying to start a new life in Surrey. “Hello. Welcome to our neighbourhood. Do you want to play Twister ?” Harry smiled at the former Sumo Wrestler who filled his open front door as if he were its replacement.  I barely recognized Harry. After a lot of hand gestures at the front door, we got into his house, laid out the game and started playing. Harry volunteered Stan to go first and then the Sumo Wrestler did a Left Hand Yellow, Right Foot Blue. Two moves later Stan started sweating on the mat and I suggested we try a new game. The Sumo Wrestler had no clue what was happening but went along with the game because he thought it was the polite thing to do. Colors and body parts were the only English he knew. (That’s what the translator explained to the police later on) Harry kept calling the colors out through tightly pulled back lips. He looked like a skull impersonating a human child. Harry was twisted. I’ve never seen such a big thing fall. It felt like I was peering into his imagination.