Over the past couple of years I’ve worked mostly on the cruise ships dry-docked in Esquimalt, British Columbia. I replace mirrors and windows. Sometimes I get sent out to other parts of North America to do the same thing. Believe or not, it takes some expertise. I smash the mirros in the bathrooms of the rooms and then I have to install a new one. When I break the mirrors with my hammer, I can see my reflection fragmented into hundreds of new selves. Over the past three months I’ve been writing a story everyday on this blog where I present the story from a different aspect of myself. I’m sorry if anyone has gotten the wrong idea. I’m not a scholar of the Torah or a precocious 8 year-old from Korea. When I smash those mirrors on the cruise ship though I see a different dimension of myself. 
   That’s why I write.
   Here’s today’s short-short story… 

Falling into the Reflection

    Jay nit-picked with his reflection until finally it had had enough. One morning, in the shower, while Jay was staring into the bulbous version of himself within the head of the bathtub faucet, he got too close. “You’re going to wear yourself away with all this looking,” Jay’s soapy-headed reflection thought and then realizing that it was now or never, the reflection reached out from the faucet head and pulled Jay into its world. Weeks later, after three unreturned phone-calls, the owner of the apartment investigated but failed to notice the two Jays silently fighting and slipping and falling in the bathroom faucet. The police were the next to arrive but they also failed to turn anything up. It wasn’t until the next renter moved in that the marvel was discovered. Sally was not shapely but she was attractive enough to distract Jay from himself. They were all a little embarrassed at what happened when they first met. Over the following weeks and months, they got used to the arrangement. Sally’s sexuality bloomed in those morning showers and she started the day with a renewed vigor she hadn’t felt since playing lacrosse as a teenager. Instinctively, she made sure not to get too close to the reflection of the three of them in the faucet head.