…that focuses on promoting critical thinking on the web. Obviously none of the entries over the past two months are true. Falsehoods are ubiquitous on the web and the aim of this site is to raise awareness about the possibility of lies on the web.   My name is Ken Standards and I hope this following story – which is certainly not true – raises some modicum of critical thinking. 


In Time       


My aunt, who got her PhD studying avalanches, rolls around the world snowballing souvenirs which I have dibs on: a multi-colored dream coat from Morocco, a totem pole shaped bottle of Maple syrup from Brampton, Ontario and a flower from the lapel of a homeless Parisian. At her going away party, I was the only one who showed up. “A lot of people don’t think you can accumulate much from a rolling position,” she said and stretched out into the next yoga pose. “Once the first shell of items coats me, I’ll be rolling pretty good. The only problem will be building up too much bulk.  She writes that she should be back by the start of the September semester.