There’s been a lot of shenanigans on this blog with a lot of wild claims and I want to say that the President of the United States is actually behind all this blogstuff. Yesterday, I said I was Osama Bin Laden but that was because I’m trying to smoke him out of his hole, you know get him to respond to this blog.
   Well there were forty people that come to this blog yesterday and none of them were Nasty Old Osama. Before yesterday I was trying to make these entries seem artistic and  that was because I was trying to smoke the art-fags out of their holes. You know, get the young intellectual pinkos who gotta think about everything to come out and comment. And then we could nab them when they commented something bad.
     When I was a young boy my daddy read to me bedtime stories about McCarthyism. I sure do miss those days. Maybe that was when I got the literature installed in me, you know that was when I soaked it up real good and that’s why I’ve got this itching to write. (Okay I got ghost writers to write the entries on most of these blogs but I did watch while I gave them a framework for them to write inside.)
   Anywho, I’ve got one story that was mailed into me by a young boy from Winesburg, Ohio. Here’s all the literature that you need to read. This and the Bible.  This, the Bible and the Anti—Terrorist Bill. No don’t bother reading the Anti-Terrorist Bill. It’s really long. 
  Read this…

The Day George W Bush Defeated the Terrorists

     The day that George W Bush defeated the terrorists was a cold day. There were white clouds in the sky and the weatherman said that it could rain in the afternoon. Most people were going about their daily affairs in the city of Baghdad but of course not everyone was busy getting groceries or taking the kids to school or going to work to make money for the family. Some people were sleeping in until ten or eleven. These were the terrorists !! 
    The day that the terrorists woke up extra late was an ordinary day in Baghdad. The terrorists woke up late because they had used all their alarm clocks in bomb devices. That day they were going to go to the market to buy more alarm clocks but they had to go in disguise because they knew the Americans watched the alarm clock dealer in the market extra carefully. The terrorists woke up at twelve o’clock that day because when you don’t get up on time you want to sleep in later and later. After months of living without an alarm clock you can actually sleep in until the time you have to go back to bed. That was the kind of life the terrorists were living. No life worthy of a decent human being. 
   On the day the terrorists woke up at twelve o’clock, they had their disguises laid out next to them. They woke up and didn’t say anything to each other because they were trained to say only the most basic things. All these basic things began with “Allah willing” and you can’t say “Allah Willing Good Morning” because it sounded dumb even to the terrorists who were dumb. Without saying good-morning or brushing their teeth or eating breakfast, the terrorists got up from their carpets on the floor and put on their disguises. They had a giant camel costume that they were going to use to go to the market to buy the alarm clock. One of them dressed up as an old lady in a black bed-sheet and the other four terrorists climbed into the camel costume. 
   The day that the terrorists went to the market dressed up as a camel was not a good day to be a terrorist because George W Bush was dressed up as a camel too !! He knew about the terrorists because he’d been sleeping on the roof of their house all night waiting for them to make their move. He also brought a camel costume which was built with American technology so you only needed one man inside to control everything. George W Bush was in his camel costume when he came up from behind the terrorists. He mounted the other camel in order to trick the terrorists into not knowing what to do. The terrorist dressed as an old lady tried to shoo George W Bush away but he continued mounting and humping the other camel in order to make other people on the street laugh and say things like “Allah willing that’s the funniest thing I’ve seen in my life” or “Allah willing who has ever seen a camel mount another in broad daylight it’s time we veil our camels too !!” The fake camel penis that George W Bush was using to probe around the insides of the other camel had a nozzle at the end where deadly gas came out and then killed the terrorists hiding inside the camel.  When the camel collapsed on the street and people were amazed to see a camel hump another camel to death, George W Bush trampled the other terrorist and then secretly – when no one was looking – grabbed the terrorist’s cell phone.
   “I’m in Baghdad now and I’m coming to get you,” George W Bush texted into the terrorist’s cell phone and he sent the message to every single terrorist in the world. He also included a picture of the scene of the dead terrorists who had tried to crawl out of the camel costume. He also explained how he killed them. When the terrorists around the world saw this scary message they all strapped their bombs onto their bodies and ran in the direction away from Bagdad where they could safely blow themselves up without getting humped to death by a camel.  The last seconds of all their lives were filled with fear and respect for the cleverness of George W Bush.
   On the evening of the day that George W Bush defeated the terrorists, the sunset was streaked with red bands that went through the clouds and some people said that it resembled an American flag flying in the sky, waving goodbye.