Yes, I’m sorry to say but I slipped on a banana peel of all things and believe it or not that was what was written on my chart in the hospital so every time any of the doctors or nurses passed my bed they had to take a look because nobody really believed it was actually true. Let me tell you, there was a lot of laughter at my unconscious expense over that week but I came to this morning to the sight of three chemotherapy kids laughing their bald heads off. I guess if my pain can result in some delight for other… well let the banana peels fall where they may. I don’t mind playing the clown which is what I actually am. (I can’t believe they didn’t bother to wash off any of my clown make up in the hospital though. I mean I know they’re underfunded and they really didn’t expect me to regain consciousness so soon but sheeesh show a guy a little respect.)
   I’ve been clowning for the past five years and this blog was an experiment in trying on different voices. I’ve been making clown outfits to match each of the characters that I’ve been creating on this blog. I promise not to get into any more comas and write every single day. (I’ll be trying out for the Cirque de Soleil in a year’s time and this will be part of my CV)
  For the time being here’s a story for today:

Ready Steady Go

  The athletes line up at the start line with their bodies coiled in crouches ready to spring into action. There are ten runners staggered out across the track. In the stands thousands of fans hold their breath in unison. 
   Next, ten overweight teens waddle onto the track and take their position right next to their assigned runner. The teens are listening to their ipods. One teen, Josh, is listening to Devo. His head clicks into different angles as he listens to his favorite track: swelling, itching brain.  He adjusts his footing as he looks the American runner in the eye. Then, he surveys the patchwork of color in the stands. He imagines the colors shifting like a game of Tetris. It would rad to play a game on a screen as big as that, he thinks. A game with Devo playing a live accompaniment. Old school gone colossal.
  The starter gun goes off and Josh swings his foot into the crotch of the runner who collapses to the turf. All of the other runners are reposed in pain with their assigned teens standing over them. Thousands of fans laugh. The runners struggle to get to their feet to run. Josh’s ipod shuffles to Generation X.
   As the runners stagger off, he sings along with Billy Idol.
  “Ready steady go !”