I’ve been writing stories everyday for the past month under a variety of pseudonyms in order to present to you a series of people with problems. Over the next month I’m going to go back and show you how all those lives can be turned around.
    My name is Troy Powers and I believe in you !!
    As well as believing in you, I also believe in myself, sunsets, the past, dust motes, rabbits and bears, the present and most importantly I believe in the power of Nowness which infuses all these entities and creatures both big and small. The power of Nowness is first and foremost about Now. When I think about something I thereby immerse it in the present. Even if I think about yesterday, I’m baptizing it in the eternal waters of Now. I hope this religious imagery doesn’t make you think that I’m Christian for there is an equal amount of Nowness in Christianity, Buddhism and Islam. Ultimately, however, Now is about you. 
   I believe in YOU right Now.
   I believe in you reading the following short-short story which will help you understand the philosophy of Now and I also believe that you will return to this site tomorrow to find out more about NOWNESS.
   Now’s tomorrow.

The Rabbit and the Bear

   The rabbit hopped over to the bear who was scooping his paw through the water of the river. His paw emerged dripping in cold water.
   “ Haven’t had much luck, eh ?” the rabbit said and the bear turned to the rabbit and picked it up and stuffed it in his mouth. The rabbit tumbled down his throat and landed with a horrid splash in the acidic juices of his belly. The rabbit felt its fur starting to burn off while it splashed about feverishly. In this frenzy, the rabbit noticed a large beetle calmly balanced on a plastic tube. The rabbit did its best to swim over to the tube.
    “The bear will never digest this tube and so I’ll live in here for as long as I want. Oh, I’ve considered jumping into these acidic waters in order to end it all for life in here does get lonely but it is a life and whenever I get a chance I try to strike up conversation with animals on their way through.”
   The rabbit opened its mouth to cry out but could only make a horrible gurgling sound.
   “Oh how rude of me. My name is Eckhart. Well to cut to the chase, think I can help you my friend. Come close because I will whisper a great secret to you but I don’t want the bear to hear it.”
   The dying rabbit paddled a little more to get closer to the beetle on the tube.
   The beetle reached its front legs out to the ear of the rabbit and then pulled off a chunk of its flesh. The rabbit gave its last gurgled cry and sank into the digestive juices of the bear. The beetle laughed to itself: “If I had a full belly for every time someone fell for that…” and then he became more reflective,” oh wait I have had nothing but full bellies since I landed in this dump.” 
   His tiny laughter echoed in the small world of the bear’s stomach.